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Woolleys’ Lambs are born in Norfolk County Ontario on beautiful lush, spring pastures in May. Following the harvest of sour cherries and apples, the Lambs are turned out in orchards to graze freely. Occasionally, grazing occurs on cover crop fields of turnips, oats, and peas. These natural and nutrient rich grazing practices are similar to those found in rural United Kingdom, and are definitely a contributing factor to the unique tasty leanness of Woolleys’ Lamb!

Naturally Raised Woolleys’ Lamb… Count the Differences

A 6th generation farmer in Norfolk County.

After completing her studies in Animal Sciences, at the University of Guelph, Carrie returned to Norfolk County, where she married a handsome young man with a similar passion for farming. Together, they embraced their decision to raise Lamb in a natural, sustainable way.


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